Happiness Is Now


Have you ever known anyone who waits all week for Friday, all year for summer and all life for the happiness that lies somewhere in the future?

I have. I do. Actually it seems that too many people postpone their happiness, dreams, and even small and simple things in their everyday life, to the vague and far way future. They will buy nice clothes when they lose weight, change the job they hate when times are better, start a hobby they've always wanted when they retire... They are ready to settle for a life they don't really enjoy, to find happiness in the future that they might actually never even have. 

I used to be one of them. I was very good at adding just about everything I wanted or dreamed of achieving in life on a waiting list. The list was long and everything on it started with "When..". "I'll do that when..", "I'll go there when..", "I'll be happy when.." I was saving everything for the future and concentrating on the When. I put all my hopes for the future "whens" and forgot to live now. Then, as often happens when you are starting to slip too far away from your soul, Universe decided to interfere and put a stop to my lists once and for all. 

My husband passed away and took most of the whens with him.  

It was a hard lesson, to learn that everything is actually in the now. Your life, your happiness, even your dreams; they are all here, all in this very moment. Every day is a choice to see the beauty in the smallest of things, to do the things you love, to enjoy each moment as it is, and to find happiness in your very own heart.

Happiness isn't something you find in the future, it's the happiness you find in the now that builds your magical, beautiful, wonderful future.