I am a Past Life Regression Therapist, Energy Healer, EFT Practitioner, Classical Homeopath (TSHHom) and writer. In my former life I was a Speech and Language Pathologist (M.A) and worked in hospitals. 

I believe that when we let go of pushing, grasping and fear, we are better able to move the focus towards surrender, trust and faith in Divine guidance instead. In doing so we can find ease, balance and harmony that we had not found when following the stories of the mind. When we let our Spirit guides lead the way and spend more time with our souls, we give space to our own truth, essence, path and purpose. I was once very lost from mine but found my way back, learned to surrender and listen to the Divine, and now I can help you do the same.

I’ve been guiding clients on their spiritual and transformational paths for 15 years. My sessions are a safe space for whatever needs to be seen, released and healed, and I meet every client from the level of my heart. To achieve the most beautiful results I use a wide range of tools that I’ve gained along the years and adjust them according to every client’s unique, personal needs. I like to keep things simple so I do all this in a rooted, down-to-earth manner, with the embodied knowledge that comes from personal experience.

I love to help people…


.. To connect with their Soul and Spirit Helpers, and to make this connection a familiar part of their everyday life. 

.. To follow their highest, most joyful guidance and turn their soul’s whispers into grounded action.

.. To assist on their healing journey through the many layers of life and past-life memories stored in their body and Soul.

.. And to find their way back to the Self, the part that may have been forgotten along the way, but which has always been the essence of who they truly are.

Learning to listen to the whispers of my soul…

Spirit realms have been a part of my life since childhood; although I’ve been highly sensitive empath since my youth, I didn’t always understanding what I was experiencing. It became too frightening so I consciously closed the connection for many years. It didn’t disappear though but kept following like a shadow, reminding me of my path. I made deals with God on a “Not yet”-basis and became a mind-oriented achiever so as to not hear my calling. I got a Master’s degree and worked as a speech therapist but even though it was important work, there was emptiness in my soul and my heart was restless. I was very lost from my path.

The Universe tried to remind me of who I was but I didn’t know how to listen. I muddled through many challenges like very low self-esteem, anxiety, severe asthma and burn-out. I was widowed and became a single mom with small children, struggled with finances and survived an abusive relationship. 

Finally, the Divine took the reins and changed my life completely. I was shown Angels, Spirit realms and miracles that left me with no other option but to start my journey back home - back to my Self, back to my Soul.  

These days…

I understand the world through energies and other guiding forces. Spirit realms are an integral part of my life just as my own biological family is. My driving force is to guide others on their path, helping them awaken to their own power and soul, and become aware of the spiritual help that is here for us.

Faith, growth and gratitude have become the cornerstones of my life, and because I like to keep things light, finding the fun and noticing the tiny wonders of life bring me joy every single day. 

Even though I’ve been through a lot in my life, I am grateful for every single experience on my path. They have made me who I am today and brought me here, to help guide you on your journey.

I am so looking forward to getting to know You!